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Why do I do what I do? It's all about seeking clarity and connection in a complex world. When you cut through the noise, it gets easier. Because things are sometimes scary and often confusing, but always beautiful and bittersweet, when you are really looking.

How do I do it? With simple, lovely images and authentic words. Where creativity flows, inspiration sparks, and real connection is possible (the feel-it-in-your-gut kind). I value every moment of the passion, purpose, and work it takes to get to the root of the Thing. The bias thing, the human nature thing, the fear thing.

But how exactly? I chase clarity of thought, communication, and connection through writing stories and creating photographs—for a living as a copywriter, with my son on the road in our old RV, and down hospital halls and through long nights living with a terminal diagnosis.

Explore some Pictures, take a peek at some of my Projects, or explore the Blog.

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